The Institution – the extraordinary novel by Kamil Vondrášek (1963) makes with the fascinating illustrations by Boris Jirků the perfect unity. Polished humor, sex and horror. The timeless study of human sort reflect ironic mirror to the all political regimes and “frank” interpersonal relationships. The characters in the novel often present non camouflage hints to the caricatured antiheroes like typu Dalík (Salvador Dali), Fred (Sigmund Freud) or Kuchota (don Quichot). The multilevel novel describes single hero’s stories to the final catharsis, where each meets the each other. The notion of time plays the special role.

The novel is printed on the art paper, contents 312 pager, 13 colored pop up pictures and 33 line drawings. There is also a bibliophile edition in luxury metal cover with the graphic paper by Boris Jirků.