Kamil Vondrášek Kamil Vondrášek (last time 1963) in previous lives chromo therapist on the second planet in constellation Ursa Major, the seventh reincarnation of Osiris, Masonic monk Alesteir von Drashek.

At present time was born in Aries sign one hour after midnight the tenth day during full moon. He graduated in Pilsner pedagogic university (mathematics and physics) and later became MBA on The Pfeiffer University in Northern Carolina.
     He made his living as driver, programmer, teacher and also drummer. He creates multimedia projects (CD ROMs, interactive installations etc.) especially for automotive industry. He writes screenplays and directs short films, for which he obtained several domestic and international awards. Tales and poems are sporadically publicized in press and almanacs from 1978. The novel The Institution is his first fruit. He prepares for publication collection of poems Seeker and works on new novel.

Wind in sails and full-blooded dry red wine belong to present incarnation.

Blue pen