Boris Jirků Boris Jirků (last time1955) - in previous lives the right hand of Imenhotep in Karnas, knight Carl von Ërtebaelgen, M. B. Braun and orthodox priest Boris Borisovič Odojevski-Merlinskij.

At present time was born at midday on Easter Sunday in the year of goat. He engages in illustration, drawing, painting, graphic and plastic art. Superlative talent returns by teaching figurative painting in the VŠUP Praha and UUD Plzeň Universities. He has founded the highly attended third age university of Figurative Painting on both universities. He has founded and organizes the FIGURAMA project, the annual students and teachers exhibition of ten European universities world wide including catalogues – books. He organizes workshops of figurative paintings in Mainz, Olomouc, Videň, Litomyšl, Brno, Plzeň.
     Boris Jirků exhibits at home and abroad, except in Greenland. He has illustrated about forty books. His basic works are presented in two monographs MY JUNGLE / Artefact 2001/ and THE SECOND TRIRD EYE /Volvox globator 2005/. He graduated on Prague AVU with academy award, he has wan three times The most beautiful book for illustration, two times the Award for graphic of the year, and the European Award of Salvador Dalí for painting. He lives and works both in Prague and Bečva.

The favorite macrobiotic materials: Ales´ slivovice, Pilsner bear and noble wines.

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